Risa Schulman, PhD, Founder and President, Tap~Root


Risa Schulman, PhD, Founder and President, Tap~Root



Risa Schulman, PhD, is founder and president of Tap~Root, a science and regulatory consulting firm that assists prominent and pioneering natural products companies. In her 25 years in the industry, she has also held leadership positions at Mars, Inc., POM Wonderful, and Solgar Vitamins. Dr. Schulman is currently Sr. Science and Regulatory Advisor to Kaneka Nutrients as well as an advisor to investors. One of her favorite roles is serving on science advisory boards, which she has done for McCormick, Clorox, Plum Organics, ZenB and others. An equal love is translating science for non-scientists, which she is privileged to do at many conferences and on the ubiquitous Zoom.

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The Role of Mitochondria in Aging: Getting to the Bottom Layer of the Onion

  • 12 September, 2024
  • September 12, 2024 -