Douglas Kalman PhD RD, Co-Founder, Substantiation Sciences


Douglas Kalman PhD RD, Co-Founder, Substantiation Sciences



Dr. Kalman has been involved in over 200 clinical trials and projects within the pharmaceutical, medical and nutrition fields. He has published over 75 abstracts and more than 30 peer-reviewed manuscripts. Dr. Kalman has also published over five academic textbooks, all of which include aspects and discussions of substantiation. He is also a Co-Editor of one journal (JISSN) and on the Editorial Board of three Scientific Journals.


Dr. Kalman has served as an Expert Witness along with being a contracted Expert for various law firms for cases involving nutrition, sports nutrition, dietary supplements, claims substantiation, clinical trials, clinical trials conduct, nutritional product assessment, Patent and Intellectual Property-related works and more. Dr. Kalman has testified in Federal and State Courts, to US Regulatory Department Agencies, provided Expert Reports and Guidance and has worked with the US National and International law firms.


Dr. Kalman is an Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern and is currently serving as the sports nutritionist for a professional combat team based in South Florida. In addition, he is a consultant to the Coral Springs Aquatic Center (Elite and Olympic Training Center) and a Performance Nutrition Consultant to the United States Tennis Association (USTA) for Player Development Program.

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